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In March 2020, Anoop Dhaliwal founded and registered The Hand Sanitiser Company Ltd in London, United Kingdom. Our products are manufactured and distributed from our warehouse in Derby, United Kingdom.

In the 19th Century, Anoop's North Indian ancestors were well respected horticulturalists servicing both Indian Royalty and the British Raj alike. Among their responsibilities in the Imperial Forestry Service was oversight of Ittar Oil (Botanic Fragrance Oils) production.

We originally created 'The King' blend of Ittar oils in 2013 although in these early days their use was intended solely for use in perfumes and diffusers. Having received compliments over the years from family and friends who were the sole recipients of this range, we decided to branch out. And what better, than to take the rather mundane hand-sanitiser, and make it something that’s a pleasure, and not just a necessity to wear.

The THSC product range is a homage to Anoop's heritage and ethics. They use only British manufactured 70% isopropyl alcohol gel combined with vegetable glycerine and botanic Indian Ittar oils. British isopropyl is far superior to the cheaper ethanol products used in other products, whilst the Ittar oils are themselves sourced direct from refineries connected to our family in India.

As a result, The Hand Sanitiser Company have created four unique nourishing Botanic fragranced hand-cleansing gels, which offer a non-stripping, rinse-free clean, moisturising hands whilst also imparting a scent that will not go unnoticed (and for all the right reasons).


When you buy from my store, you are supporting an Independent small business in the United Kingdom.

Please rest assured, I use my hand cleansing gels myself as do my immediate family members (and have been doing so for years).

You are buying hand made products (machine blended, pumped, labelled), packed and checked by me (wearing gloves and FFP3 mask).

Food for thought, I created 'The King' blend of Ittar oils in 2013; initially for perfumes and diffusers for personal use and occasionally gifting family, friends over the years.

Traditionally, Pure Ittar (Fragrance) Oils are exported and distributed by intermediaries acquiring them from refineries in exchange for ridiculous sums of money in souks and markets in South Asia and the Middle East by the ml.

Since March 2020, I have sourced and had barrels shipped of 1 to 3 year Aged Indian Botanic Fragrance Oils for my Ittar Oil recipes; mixing the Oils with British Isopropyl Alcohol, Vegetable Glycerines. After 10 months of product and laboratory testing, I have successfully produced four: nourishing, 70% Isopropyl alcohol, rinse-free hand cleansing gels that will moisturise your hands as well as impart a lasting fragrance.

To hear that people get stopped in the street, asked what perfume they are wearing only to be told they are wearing The Hand Sanitiser Company Fragranced 70% Alcohol Hand Cleansing Gel is phenomenal knowing that my Ittar Oil blends rival couture and fashion house perfumes!

Thank you,


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